Bigfoots Pad Paranormal Investigations

"Keeping The Paranormal Alive Since 2003!"

-Past Ghost Investigations-

Halloween 2016 Ghost Investigation- BFP traveled to conduct a special holiday ghost hunt. Had a few interesting situations and things arise. (2016)

Nevada Ghost Town & Brothel- BFP visited a ghost town and mining area from the early 1900's. While there we investigated many old buildings. Focused primarily on the old brothel. Encountered many odd things and caught some evidence. (July 2016) 

Bonnie Claire Mining Area-The BFP team ventured deep into the historic Bonnie Claire mining area in search of spirits. Heavy footsteps were recorded on camera that cannot be explained.  (October 2015)

White Pine Public Museum- We were first ghost team ever to investigate this location. Ely residents Howard and Amy joined us on the investigation. Evidence captured includes strange audio and video evidence. (October 2015).

  Goodsprings Cemetery Trip 6- No evidence found (2015)

Goodsprings Cemetery Trip 5- The team returned to the Goodsprings cemetery in search of paranormal activity. We found audio evidence including an evp stating "Go to hell." (2012)

Barker Ranch- Jeremy and Nick traveled to Charles Manson's Barker Ranch searching for ghosts for a television show. (2012)

Hotel Colorado- This famous retreat for past presidents and tourists was investigated by the BFP Team (Paratour 2011)

Como Depot- Shadow People activity and audio was found at this historic location (Paratour 2011)

Valiton Inn- Searched for paranormal happenings and found evidence of a definite haunting. (Paratour 2011)

Goodsprings Cemetery Trip 4-  Early morning on Memorial day 2011 we ventured once again to this location. Used new pieces of equipment and came out with a ton of evidence. (2011)

Happy Burro Inn- First ghost team ever to investigate the location. We recorded strange noises and had personal encounters. We Caught video evidence of an apparition that showed itself on our infrared cameras three different times! (Paratour 2010)

American River Inn- First ghost team to investigate this bed/breakfast, and had many strange personal encounters. (Paratour 2010)

Gold Point, Nevada Trip 2- We revisited the town and came out with personal accounts along with some strange noises we recorded. (Paratour 2010)

Rhyolite, NV- Heard noises & took many photos at this early 1900's ghost town. (Paratour 2010)

Goodsprings Cemetery Trip 3- Once again the team visited this location and came out with many strange personal accounts, photos, & evps. Strange streaks of light were spotted by the team. (Paratour 2009)

Gold Point, Nevada- The team visited the ghost town, and left with many strange personal feelings, video, and photographic evidence. (Paratour 2009)

Goodsprings Cemetery Trip 2- Screams and an apparition of a man was seen.

Boulder Dam Hotel Trip #3- On this returning visit, the team received evidence of several spirits and entities. This follow-up investigation was very successful and the hotel proved itself once again!

Clark County Heritage Museum- The team's very first trip to this museum as a complete team. A daytime investigation was conducted. No evidence was collected.

San Francisco Trip- Brent and Jeremy embarked to San Francisco in search of the paranormal.

Boulder Dam Hotel Trip #2- The team went on a return visit to the hotel. Evidence was acquired. (Paratour 2008)

Foxridge Park- During a late night investigation, a few strange occurrences, and photos were taken. (Paratour 2008)

Goldfield Hotel- In the early hours of the morning Jeremy, Tim, and Brent did some investigating. (Paratour 2008 and 2009)

Cary House Hotel Visit #2- This night was an experience we will never forget! Doors banging, apparitions seen, and much evidence caught to go along with it! (Paratour 2008)

Virginia City Boardwalk- The infamous boardwalk is home to multiple spirits who died over the years in gunfights and other events. The team did an evp sweep and photography late at night. Caught a strange old time music on evp. (Paratour 2008)

Virginia City Cemetery- Brent, Tim, and Jeremy walked the cemetery in search of the paranormal. (Paratour 2008)

Silver Queen Hotel- The legendary Silver Queen Hotel caught the BFP Team's eye, and it proved to be one of the most shocking cases up to date! (Paratour 2008)

Cary House Hotel Visit #1- On this night, the team went off to find evidence of the paranormal and received some evps. (Paratour 2008)

Chlordide Cemetery, Arizona- The team went on a day-long drive to Arizona. While in town, we helped straighten out graves and explore the area. We are now preparing for future expeditions to this location.

Goodsprings Cemetery Nevada Return- The team visited the notorious Goodsprings Cemetery. We caught evps, and photographic evidence, along with personal experiences.

Goodsprings Cemetery Visit- Once again Brent and Jeremy went to the historical Goodsprings, Nevada cemetery. They did some investigating. While investigating, the duo helped tidy up some graves and replace some of the knocked over flowers.

Sandy Valley Cemetery Visit- Brent and Jeremy went to the Sandy Valley cemetery.

Boulder Dam Hotel Trip #1- During our stay at the Boulder Dam Hotel, The team captured 5 evp's and 5 pictures with anomalies on them. It was a very exciting investigation.

University Health Systems Clinic- The team visited a medical clinic which used to be an asylum in the 1970's. We snapped off several photos and received evp evidence.

Las Vegas Private Residence- A clock is known to spin wildly out of control at 4:00pm daily and the BFP Paranormal Team was lucky enough to capture this phenomena on camera.

Harrison House- During this investigation we had many strange happenings such as moving ecto, flashing of lights and disembodied voices.

Freeton Ranch- This was an old 1800's ranch that was abandoned after frequent native american raids. While doing the investigation, we heard banging noises and the caretaker and Brent thought he seen old man Freeton walking the grounds.

Undisclosed location #1- Evp captured of what seems to be a man talking.

Undisclosed Location #2- No evidence found

-Past Sasquatch Expeditions-

MMC August 2016 Expedition - August 14-15, 2016 we ventured back to the remote woods of central California in search of the legendary sasquatch. Revisited the famous area in which Jeremy & Brent had their encounter in 2008. The team also had experiences as well back in 2010.

Blue Diamond Sand Yeti - The BFP investigators filmed for a documentary and recorded possible bigfoot activity during a night-time investigation. (2012)

Undisclosed Location - The BFP team went to a location given to us by a number of leads to search for the Nevada sand yeti. Investigation snippets appeared on a Bigfoots Pad Paranormal documentary. (2012)

Mount Charleston Area Sand Yeti- Over Memorial Day weekend 2011, the team went to search again for the infamous sand yeti. Visited recent sighting areas and filmed.

MMC Paratour 2010 Expedition- This secret location never fails us. We all heard some unusual noises and camped/revisited the area of the past sasquatch sighting by Jeremy and Brent.

Nevada Sand Yeti- The team set out on another investigation of the infamous Nevada sand yeti. While researching, the team came across footprints, bones, & had many strange occurrences. (11/28/2009)

Blue Diamond Sand Yeti- The team went out to search once again for this mysterious beast and although no evidence was found, we will keep pursuing this creature. (Paratour 2008)

MMC Paratour 2008 Expedition- The location that is undisclosed did prove to be faithful in proving our evidence. The team managed to catch a partial vocalization, wood knockings, and a short sighting of a sasquatch even occurred by Jeremy and Brent!

Potosi Pass Area- Brent, Tim, and Jeremy went out on a spotting trip but no evidence was found.

Blue Diamond Sand Yeti- The team embarked on an expedition for the notorious Blue Diamond Sand Yeti for 2 days. On night 1, we heard a call that echoed across a canyon. We estimate this was from about 100-150 yards away. On night 2, we caught some eerie pictures that may be an alleged Sasquatch (see pictures section). Stay tuned for updates!

Skookum Meadows Washington- In the Spring of 2006, this was our first actual "Sasquatch Trip." Although we captured no video or photographic evidence, we did find one peculiar vocalization taped by Nick.

Mt. Hood National Forest- Later in 2006 we received wood knockings and collected cast samples. Due to heavy rain, were not able to do our investigation to it's full-potential.

Southern Nevada Sand Yeti- Brent, Tim, and Jeremy once again set out on a two night search. On night one we heard a vocalization, but were unable to capture it. Second night we had no luck capturing evidence..   

-Lake Monsters-

Walker Lake, NV- The team went to Walker Lake to find a creature known as "Cecil" who is said to inhabit the lake. (Paratour 2008)

-Past UFO Expeditions-

Ely, Nevada Trip #4-  Jeremy, Tim, and Nick returned to yet again to investigate for the BFP documentary. Interviewed more eyewitnesses, conducted more field work, and were all on 92.7 KDSS local radio with our good friend Mustang. (March 2016) 

Ely, Nevada Trip #3- Jeremy, Tim, and Brent returned to Ely once again to investigate and film for an upcoming BFP documentary. Documented eyewitness reports and conducted field work. Jeremy was featured on 92.7 KDSS radio. (October 2015)

Ely, Nevada - Jeremy and Nick traveled back to Ely, Nevada to document eyewitness testimony and other relevant information for an up-and-coming BFP project. (2012)

Red Rock Canyon - Several of the Bigfoots Pad Paranormal investigators filmed eerie lights in the sky during an outing (2012)

Potosi Pass Area - Jeremy, Tim, and Brent traveled to this remote location in search for a possible ufo crash site.

Pahrump Nevada Area - Jeremy and a colleague went exploring for an alleged government base. (2011)

Ely Ufo Crash-  The team set out to discover the truth about this case. Many unknown facts and truths unveiled by Jeremy. (2010)

Potosi Pass Area- The team set out to UFO spot in an area that they've had strange occurrences in the past. This night the sky was cloudy, and no evidence was found. (11/27/2009) 

Rachel, Nevada- The team visited the famous little AleInn and heard  strange stories from the locals. The team went ufo spotting, but no evidence was seen or gathered. (Paratour 2009)

Red Rock Ufo Spotting Trip 3- Possible evidence found; inconclusive.

Potosi Pass Area- No evidence found (Paratour 2008)

Wentworth Sighting #2- On night 4 of Paratour 2008, a ufo that had glowing purple lights was seen hovering over the tree line at a low altitude near the road. (Paratour 2008)

Wentworth Sighting #1- On a late night drive to a case, the team spotted a lighted craft that was glowing red. (Paratour 2008)

Near Pahrump, Nevada- The team was on the trails of a sasquatch lead when a glowing tear drop-shaped object with a single light passed by overhead. This object was less than 200 feet off the ground above us! Amazing sighting!

Summerlin / Las Vegas, NV- Jeremy snapped off 3 ufo pictures while on the way home from work.

Red Rock Canyon- A bright light was seen over a mountaintop on two occasions.

King Grey's Home- Late at night Tim snapped off 5 pictures of a ufo above Las Vegas as the town was settling down for the night.

Red Rock Canyon, Nevada- The team stopped for some ufo spotting when Brent and Jeremy saw a glowing object of some sort.

Blue Diamond/Red Rock Nevada- On a ufo spotting trip, Brent, Jeremy, and Tim saw a strange light in the sky which they pursued for about an hour. When the team was calling the night to an end, we all seen an eerie red light which lit up the whole car.

Undisclosed location #1- During this spotting trip by the Utah/Nevada boarder, we watched the sky as a slender glowing object maneuvered in the sky.

Las Vegas, Nevada- During the early years with the team, we seen a triangular object several feet long over residential area.