Bigfoots Pad Paranormal Investigations

"Keeping The Paranormal Alive Since 2003!"

A Little About Us

-Meet The Bigfoots Pad Paranormal Investigations Team-



                                                  Name: Jeremy                                                         

           Favorite Paranormal Activity: Sasquatch/Mothman              

                                  Gadget Of Choice: Evp Recorder                                 

Favorite Paranormal Case: Patterson-Gimlin Film

Bio: Jeremy has been interested in paranormal happenings since a young child. After growing up in a haunted house himself, he understands how hauntings effect people and how important teams such as Bigfoots Pad are to communities. Jeremy is the founder of Bigfoots Pad. He is the life of the team and is always out for a chuckle or two. Jeremy constantly researches the paranormal and drives the team to do their best.  Jeremy has also been featured on many paranormal tv shows and radio shows.


Name: Tim

Favorite Paranormal Activity: Aliens/Ghosts

Gadget Of Choice: Digital Camera

                  Favorite Paranormal Case: Aurora, Tx Ufo Crash

Bio: Tim he has been interested in the paranormal as long as anybody can remember. He has been with Bigfoots Pad since the beginning, and is a key asset to the team and webpages of Bigfoots Pad. Tim is our co-web editor of the team website and social media. Tim is interested in all types of paranormal activity. Also dubbed the main tech guy of the team. He does research of the paranormal frequently and keeps an open mind. Tim is always looking for adventure and makes him a great team member.


Name: Brent

Favorite Paranormal Activity: Aliens/Conspiracies

Gadget Of Choice: Digital Camcorder

Favorite Paranormal Case: Many

Bio: Brent is a long-time investigator for Bigfoots Pad. He joined up with us in the early days of the team and is our man when it comes to conspiracies. He is also interested in many other paranormal happenings. He's been through it all with us, and knows what he is doing. Brent is really involved in the paranormal and often looks into the skies for ufo's, and studies paranormal events on his free time. Brent has a keen eye, and has lots of knowledge on the paranormal which makes him a good addition to the team.

Name: Nick

Favorite Paranormal Activity: Cryptids

Gadget Of Choice: Bible And Spirit Box

Favorite Paranormal Case: Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film 

Bio: Nick is dubbed the religious expert of Bigfoots Pad. He joined up with us soon after we formed. Nick is very knowledgeable about many different religions and beliefs. He is trained for blessings, exorcisms, and other spiritual cleansings. This forms spiritual protection from ghosts, demons, and other forces. Nick is fascinated with the paranormal and studies it often. Nick has seen and encountered some strange things and can spin yarn for hours on strange things he's seen over the years with the team.