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The Bigfoots Pad Paranormal Investigators use some of the most technologically advanced equipment available.

-Paranormal PC-

The paranormal pc is the heart of the Bigfoots Pad Paranormal. It helps us provide evidence to our clients and log our evidence while in the field.

-Digital Video Surveillance System-

The team uses digital surveillance systems to their full potential. We strategically place cameras in areas of reported activity to capture our video clips. This is one of the main weapons in our arsenal of gadgets!

-Still Image Cameras / Video Capturing Cameras-

We use 35mm film, digital cameras, and digital camcorders. These give us hard copy evidence that paranormal happenings do indeed exist.

-EMF Meters-

EMF meters are used to find abnormalities in electromagnetic fields of an area associated with a haunting. The meters detect spikes or drops in an EMF field meaning that energy is going away from or coming to a general area. This phenomena is often associated with spiritual activities.

-Voice Recorders-

We use both digital and micro-cassette recorders in our attempts to find audio evidence of the paranormal. A fantastic tool for all paranormal investigators!

-Spirit Box-

The BFP Team uses two types of these communication devices. Spirit boxes work by using a series of high frequency radio sweeps combined with white noise to hear voices of the dead. Spirits can possibly use or manipulate this to talk directly to us.

-IR / Local Thermometers-

An IR/Local Thermometer is used to find temperature fluctuations in a given area. The temperature is known to rise or fall dramatically when a spirit is near. The thermometers that we use are of the highest quality.

-Outdoor & Wilderness Still Image Capturing Cameras-

The team use both digital and 35mm trail cameras. The cameras work by snapping a photo or short video when a person or animal appears in the frame. These camera types are used often by the Bigfoots Pad Paranormal when searching for unknown creatures outdoors.

-Night Vision-

Night vision allows us to pierce the darkness of night. The night vision equipment that we use is among the best available for both outdoor and indoor investigations.

-Call Blasters-

These devices are used by the team to blast alleged cryptid and other animal calls into the nearby areas. We play the calls hoping to hear a response or draw the creatures towards us so we can capture it on our evidence.

-Underwater Research Gear-

These are used to search for underwater cryptids. They can try to run but they cant hide!

-Evp Listener-

The evp listener is an experimental piece of equipment that allows us listen to the magnetic fields as they fluctuate around us. A great piece of equipment the team always brings while ghost hunting!

-Motion Sensors-

The motion sensors that the Bigfoot's Pad investigators use are the latest models. They sound off when a ghost or other anomaly passes by.

-Other Accessories-

No team can do without these little guys!

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