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-Upcoming Investigations-

-The Ely, Nevada UFO Crashes-

Jeremy and Nick have been researching a series of UFO crashes and landings in northern Nevada for several years now. The duo uncovered startling evidence that something did actually occur. Jeremy frequently does media interviews and online updates on the case. Stay tuned for the upcoming book and documentary release dates!

-The Nevada Sand Yeti-

The Bigfoots Pad Paranormal investigators have been on the trail of a rare, elusive, man-like creature that dwells in southern Nevada for over a decade. Numerous eyewitness accounts, tracks, and clear thermal video evidence have been collected and will be presented on the team's very first documentary "The Nevada Sand Yeti - A BFP Documentary." Release date coming soon!

A documentary teaser video is available here

-The Old Clark County Railroad Station-

A favorite location of the Bigfoots Pad! They will once again venture deep into the unknown for another night that they won't forget! Positive evidence of malevolent entities has been captured in the past here making this a truly terrifying encounter!

Check out our Youtube channel for our past evidence in the meantime!

-Haunted Freeton Ranch-

Freeton Ranch, originally built in the 1930's currently sits in various stages of decay. The Bigfoots Pad investigators once again will travel to the site chasing spirits from the past. Will they once again make contact with old man Freeton?

This site provided multiple intelligent responses via audio and video on prior investigations. Those videos can be found here.

-Paratour Trips-

Each year the Bigfoots Pad Paranormal team embarks on their biggest trip yet! The paratour trips last a week or more of some the most intense, over-the-top locations the team has ever investigated! What will they do this year? Will they search for spirits in an unexplored ghost town? Will they find evidence of an unknown creature in the remote wilderness? Check back for this year's announcement!

Stay Tuned For More Upcoming Investigations!

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